Butterfly Kids: 6 weeks thru 2, Sun Shine Kids: 2 thru 3, Preschoolers: 3 thru 6 and Qwest Kids: 7 thru 12


The curriculum focuses on writing, math, science and social development. We make sure that all children receive the attention they need to confidently tackle these learning opportunities that ultimately will prepare them for Kindergarten. Preschooler classroom features seven learning centers equipped with inviting and developmentally appropriate materials. We also structure the day to offer plenty of outdoor activity time, providing an opportunity for your child to learn while exercising their body as well as her mind.

Butter Fly Kids:      6 weeks thru 2 years


Curriculum begins in the infant room stimulating their growing and developing senses by introducing the children to art activities, music, fine and gross motor skills plus story time just to name a few. All of these are based around each child’s individual schedules that their families would like us to follow.

We also enjoy taking the infants outside when at all possible. We have a 6 child Bye Bye Buggy for the center to take the children for walks.

 Sunshine Kid’s    2 – 3 years

 The toddlers explore everybody and everything around them. They have the feelings of the power because they can walk and our program for toddlers takes it into account. Toddlers have the opportunity to learn by motion to push, pull, throw, walk, run, climb and jump. Our gross motor room and playground are equipped with modern and safety gears.

Toddlers are immature in their social /emotional development and have the limitation to express their feelings with words. Our teachers are sensitive and supportive for children to be successful according their level of maturity.

Preschooler’s   3 – 5 years

Our program provides activities and materials that help children to be independent, build up their ideas of self, and involve them in the interaction and the communication in the small group as well as in the large ones. Singing, dancing and reading activities in the group offer toddlers not only their feeling of belonging to the class but also develop their language skills.



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 Qwest Kids: 7 years thru 12 years


Wonderland has as AWESOME summer program for the school agers. Our number one priority besides keeping them safe is keeping them happily busy!!   We carry on our structure and routine thought to the school age room too. Each day having group time that includes a book, art, social building skills, exercise, and the theme for the day. Going outside twice a day too!!